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Happy New Year

HNY all, what a start to 2014

The weather's been biblical the coast's been hammered good and proper

Westard Ho! on Saturday

Good ole Cranford hasn't suffered due to us being so high up, the lakes have had a good flush through, and the rivers are near bursting. Still really mild for this time of year but a tad water logged.

So fishing has been none existent this time of year, were battening down the hatches and doing the annual refurb for the coming season...... New carpets have been ordered and will be fitted at the end of this month, thanks to grove flooring of Reading, can highly recommend them!!!! Faultless.

The outlaws are away in Madeira for the month so were on Hound Duty!!! Four Spaniels, One Terrier and a four year old = MAD HOUSE!!!!!

Bookings are looking healthy for this summer, early summers already nearly fully booked.....

Short and sweet my lovelys hope you all have a good start to 2014

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