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All work and no play.... yeah right, i don't think you understand! Off on Holiday!!!!!

We are off on our jollies tommorow, 10 days in the canaries for some wintersun... the little fella is keen as mustard about flying on his aeroplane, didnt know BA sold him this particular plane but it's his and that's all that matters!!!

We will be back on the 16th and will reply to all bookings / brochure request etc etc on the 17th....

most weeks are 80%+ booked this year.... were really please with the direction were going.

Not much to report on the fishing front, we did have David and the boys from the Anhcor Inn @ thorbury down for a few days, weather was stormy and wet... Merv braved the elements and had a few tench and bream... Fair play to the Master Baiters Angling Society... Looking forward to seeing you chaps agin in March.

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