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When the wind Blows

Well after 10 days of sunshine we looked like we missed the worst of the winter storms.... Had a great time and some great hangovers with a four year old gagging for the pool "come on Dad lets go Swimming" what!!! it's 4am. That'll teach me.

Check out the waves at Sennen, one of my favourite spots in Cornwall.... Hope she survided the storm!

Cranford HQ is still standing, we've had a few trees down but generally weve got away without any damage... One my daily wonder around the lakes a saw a couple of Ghosties topping, with the sun oput it felt like spring is not to far away... Love the change of seasons, especially Spring!!!!! Come on Clocks!

We have just had Mick from Grove flooring finish laying the final two cottages with new carpets, great job as always "thanks Mick"

Not much to report on the fishing front!!!!! I'm netting the Top Lake next week to take out some the small silvers as they thrived last year with the scorcha summer!

Bookings are coming in thick and fast. Til the next time

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