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Everybody loves the Sunshine!!!!!!!

What a Cracker!! Should of had some slip slap slop, plenty of rosie faces around the lakes at the mo!

When the wind drops and the sun is shining it could be the height of summer....

We are in full swing, all cottages are booked and everybody is enjoying the Cranford Thing! place is looking great, always does when the sun's out!!

Fishing has been steady but not prolific, water temp is still in single figures but is starting to warm up, plenty of fish on the move. Always love this time of year! Leafy Dulwich Bill pulled out halftail last night, he's only dropped a 1lb in wieght over winter & tells you how mild this winter has been, he'll will be a nice twenty something at the end of the season... was caught on a sinlge tangerine boilie with a old skool stringer...

Worms have been the go for the Bream & Tench at the mo!!!!! using a method feeder with a decent ground bait seems the go!

Will start the posts a bit more regular now i have some rants and raves!!! Til Then

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