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Cranny Carpie Capers

Well it's been a productive week with some fine Cranny specimens coming to Net. Steve & Rich had a cracking Week on the Tench and the Carp are on the feed with plenty of our single and double fighters having a tug of war.... Had plenty of comments on the super condition as always and the fight the carp give.

Toby's been on good form and is fishing consistant, had to take a picture of this Beauty Mirror,

Guess the weight time??????

Any Ideas?

Post your comments below.... you'll be surprised as i was!

Bait wise, Lucheon meat seems to be doing well for the Tench & Bream, Scopex Corn been doing well also. Boilies falvour of the week... Caramel!!!! New one for me. Taking of Bait i've started making our own.... We're in the test stage at the moment... I'll keep you posted!

Chickens are nearly ready, New home's done... So fresh eggs will be here in the next month fingers cross the girls settle in... Just got to find the right one's...... Names for the Ladies so far are: Korma, Tikka Masala, Poppadom, Pakora & Jalfrezi.... Have to find a couple more names...

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