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Where did that blue thing GO?????????

Come on Mr Summer whats going on??? Been pretty poor weather wise in Definatley Devon lately.... Cranford is holding up pretty well mind! couple of the paths do have a similar feel to Glastonbury festival.

So mid May when the sun twas shinning the carp started to spawn, only a day and half so they'll probably go again next hot spell. So with all the fish eggs about the carp have dropped right off, only a few have come out this week...... Bream and tench have been fishing as normal.

What is the story with the weather reports, i've got a bee in my bonnet regarding the Met office and Countryfile, i dont think they have got one forecast correct, where else can you consistantly get your job wrong and it seems the norm? Idiots!!!!!!! i'm embracing my well earned grumpy midlife old man satus!!!!

Lets hope for some beautiful bristish summertime...

Keep your eyes on the sky and don't listern to the plonkers on the tele.

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