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August or should it be Autumagust!!!!

Mick Tench 01.jpg

Unbelieveable weather down in Devon at the mo! were all rugging up... we've had a stream of low pressure's hanging over Cranford for the past couple of weeks which has resulted in a couple of things, 1st the temp has drop a fair few degrees and secondly the carp have switched off for a bit!!!! Bream, Tench, Rudd, Crucians and the odd perch have been feeding well but not the Big Fellas!

Have Leafy Dulwich Bill down for his annual two weeks, Bill's a good indicator on Cranford Carp as he's generally consisitant and averages 40 - 50 carp per week. Proabaly been half that this past coupe of weeks. Tutti Fruiti boilies are always a winner.

On the Flip side we also have another regular Captain Pete who had his best ever Cranford day fishing on the middle lake yesterday with a great haul of Bream, Tench & Crusians all day long. There's got to be a science to fishing somewhere.... If you find it please let me know....

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