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Good Morning Sunshine

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September Summer has been a belta, with the distant memory of autum August we are all enjoying these sunny days down at Cranford.... The fishing has been consistant and the BBQ's have been fired up again... Long may it continue.

We'd all like to thank everyone who took the time to visit us this season and hope you all enjoyed your hollibobs at Cranford, the season is slowly coming to an end, this week is nearly our last fully booked week.... So once again Thanks a million for another great season, We have enjoyed every last minute of everyone staying and a special thanks to all those who took the time for their kind tripadvisor reviews....... Much appreciated!

I had a cheeky fish with Captain Pete on the tench stock pond a couple of weeks ago to see what size the bars of soap were getting to!!!! there coming on a treat and will have to bag up and transfer a shoal into the middle pool this Autumn. Now those who have see are to 2 resident retired Mirrors in the tench stock pond will reconise the below.......


photo doesn't do the lump justice, i had a mission lifting the fella up.

will have a go at the carp stock pond soon and start transferering a few new virgin Cranny carp over for next season.... Pics to follow.... Till the next time.

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