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New Brochure


Put the fire on!!!! yep coal got delivered today!!! so it's getting to that time of year when we start to rug up!!!! which in turn has made me sit in front of the googlebox and i've done a new brochure!!! if you fancy a copy send me an email with your postal address and i'll pop one in the post when they turn up, should be next week!!!!

So the fishing has been a but up and down of late, one day it's barmy hot the next we're having 70 mph gails and lashings of rain!!!! But i'm not complaining it's October and some day's i've still got shorts on!!! on the down side the bloody grass is still growing...

Ooooh must not for get one of our resident's Terry has set up a new angling website for all things angling, if you have a spare minute have a gander!!!!!

Short and sweet this post... I'll be transferrring some of our stock carp over in the next week or two, i'll post some pics!!

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