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Bit Early folks i know, but as we've pretty much shut up shop for winter, i'd thought i'd wish you all a merry cranny xmas and super duper new new year!!!!! will probably post another rant in the new year!

Nothing to report on the fishing front as the last angler was a couple a weeks ago... a couple of the Master Baiters visited us for a weekend and did pretty well for the time of year!!! 15lb Mirror & 5lb Tench were the stand out for the weekend with a few cheeky extras brought to the bank!

As there's not much to do on the fishing front the surfboards have been dusted off and the winter swells are keeping me out of Niki's hair... -5 tomorow morning and a couple of us will be heading to the beach!!!! 5mm of neoprene keeps me warm-ish & i do look like a Ninja disguised as a plum!

Niki's been out with the camera this evening and took this beauty!!!


Have a super fab festive time all, if your on Twitter and fancy some pearls of wisdom? my links above...... Look forward to catch up in the new year!!!!!


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