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Hi my names Paul and it's been 5 weeks since my last blog!

Happy 2015 interweb folks... two ways of looking at the past 5 weeks!

1 - i've been crap at updating the blog and a lazy blogger!

2 - what blog???? were having a partyyyyyyyyy!

So those that now me, you've gotta love a No2!!!!! No that doesn't mean i'm full of S@#T, well not all the time..... Just after a couple of slurps!!!

So we're in the think of getting ready for the upcoming season, painting the cottages, tiling the lakeside cottage bathrooms ( Niki caught me at a week moment, next thing i knew we're in the tile center and bobs your auntie's live in lover "I'm tiling")

Jesus it's cold at the moment.... we had some strong winds the other day which entailed me on the roof of the cottages replacing slate tiles, always a varied day at Cranford.... Lost a few trees which gave me the excuse of playing with the chainsaw.... even braved the odd surf for some icecreamhead time..

On the bookings front we normally get full for spring / early summer at the end of Feb, but bookings have come in thick and fast and were pretty much full up until the end of July, August onwards we have a few weeks free which looks like another busy season in wonderful North Devon.....

What a cracking office!!!!!!


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