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And so it Begins!!!!!

darren rods.jpg

The season has started!!!! Wayne & Darren from the South East came to visit us with their partners for the weekend!!! both Cranny first timers... we'd just had the 10 day sunshine spell which seemed to bring on the carp, plenty on the move and slowly coming out of their winter slumber!! Waters still on the cold side but the fella's did ok both got into the carp over the weekend with the biggest coming out just under the 18lb mark (half tail for our regulars).... Baits wise cell and a bright colour pop seem to be the go!!!!

We've got a full house this weekend so should have a good mix of fisherfolk, be good to see how the Tench & Silvers come along??? will keep you posted!!!!

Few Pics of Darren with one of our junior common & mirror beauties

Darren mirror.jpg

Darren common.jpg

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