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May the 4th be with you!!!

I know it's the 3rd but i couldnt help myself! Thought id just give a little update on how we're fishing!!! Not to shabby!!!! The Carp have been on but i rekon they'll be sporning soon!!! they haven't paired up as of yet but it's coming to that time of year, most have had a good head of mirrors, commons & our loony ghostie's (they love a scrap) on the hook.

But the real treat this May has been the Tench and Bream - the reports our fantastic sessions on the pole and float. No special bait as such so if your coming to see us make sure you bring a mixture of the usual suspects and you should be on a winner, i've had a couple of complaints about sore arms!!!! great stuff!!!

Weathers still a bit ropey for the next week, let's just hope that a few high pressures swing by wonderful North Devon....

Neville's 14lb mirror from one of he's many line pullers this past week!!!


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