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Eggs Eggs and Eggs!!!!

Spawn!!!!!!! yep sorry folks that are turning up this weekend but the Carp & Bream are spawning!!!

So after a super spring of fishing it's dropped off and we've hit a slow spell... Guests are still catching but with all the protein in the water you've got some competion for your hookbait!!!!

Best fish of the week is Alan's 14lb Ghostie so far a couple of Mirrors & Commons have come out larger but a 14lb ghost is a cracker for us, the ghosties have been with us for 5 years and por regular guest's know how well they fight!!! Tip to Elbow....

Thanks to David for sending us a pic of Halftail at 17lb

David Hlftail.jpg

Were in full swing the moment and the feedbacks been great, everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.

Chicken Tikka the Cockrel has gone onto Plucky Heaven!!!! Bob said he saw him sleeping on the ground, when i checked on the chooks Tikka was as stiff as a board!!! we got him from the farmers market so didnt know how old he was......

The bait shop is nearly up and running!!!!! we've converted the old kennels into CRANBO's ( every little helps)

There's a book swap and some dvd's to borrow, also Niki will be baking some cakes for a cuppa when you arrive... I'm in touch with Steamies Bait's who we'll be stocking there boilies.....

We've got a couple of guard ducks to look after the joint!!!!!

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