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LDB and a lazy Blogger!!!

What a glourious day.... Summers been a bit hit and miss at Cranford these past couple of months!!! But on days like today it's like winning the Ashes!!!!!! G,day to all my Aussie mates & Kiss my Ashes!!!!

Our good friends and regulars Leafy Dulwich Bill & Lady Di turned up today and got straight into me about my lack of posts on the Blog. So this one's for William!

Been a strange month on the fishing front, some ok days and some rubbish days!!! have to put it down the weather, everyone's catching but the Cranny Fish are making everyone work for it!!! If your coming down to stay with us, i'd recommend puting some worms in your bait box, the bream & tench are finding them irresistable, prawns seems to be the go for the Perch!!! The Carp are being really cagey & you need to be tight to the margins if you fancy picking a few up!!!! and as always off the top for bit of stalking!!!!!

Alternatively fire up the BarB with a couple of cold ones to suit and take in the view.....

Next post will be on Leafys two week progress!!!!!!

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