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Ducked Again!!!!!

What is it with me and & Birds on this planet???? So those who have been to see us lately will have noticed the 3 ducks near the baits shop, these ladies were brought to Cranford for some delicious duck eggs for the shop.

We've had another Chicken Tikka episode ( Check out the "what a Cock" post) yep two of the ladies turned out to be fella's.... No wonder Jemima puddle duck has been looking at me funny since his arrival... He shall now be known as Jimbo Pubble Duck, So Jimbo and Boy George have been getting a bit jiggy with Hoysin who we thought need a bit of female support, so i got on the phone to our Quack Dealer and a few hours later Hoysin had a couple of new ladies in the Brace!!!! Names to be confirmed!!!!

Fishings been up and down the past few weeks, have to put it down to the low pressures that keep passing over the south west... Leafy Dulwich Bill has been pulling carp out this week with the largest being just shy of 17lb and Captain Pete had a cracking spell on the middle lake on the Tench!!!! Bait wise our Tutti Crunch Steamies are working well for the Carp and the Tench are finding worms a winner!!!!!

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