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Merry Cranbo Christmas!!!!

Merry Christmas everyone.... Hope you all have a fab festive season!!

Well the weather in wonderful Devon is a tad Stormy and blowy at the mo! The grounds are pretty sodden with all this warm air we're getting from the south, Daf's are even starting to come out & the fish are still on the move????

It's all go at Cranford at the moment, we're having the roofs replaced on all the cottages and i will post some video's on the cottages (internals) once they are all spruced up for the next season.

The lakes are all holding up well with the amount of water coming through!! the carp are still on the move, the water temperature is a good few degrees above normal for this time of year...... we pretty much shut up shop from November so we can be in shipshape for spring. We had a visit from the fantastic Mr Fox a couple of weeks ago and the little rodent got hold of all the Ducks!!! So Jimbo Puddle Duck and his gaggle are no longer i'm afriad!!! Niki's was gutted, Me and Mr 12 bore went and had a chat!

We are still interviewing people for the pub, we've decided to take our time this winter as it's off season and make sure we get the right fit!!! as always will post an update once all finalised.

Thats about it for this year folks, just thought we all at Cranford would like to wish you a merry christmas and happy new year all look forward to our paths crossing soon......

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