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Good Morning Sunshine!!!!

Happy New Year All... Hope you had a fab festive season... was up at the crack this morning and took the pups for a stroll and was greeted by this beauty so i had to share.... Well not much news on the fishing front at the mo! looks like we could be in for a cold snap, will make a nice change to all this rain rain rain!!! it's been biblical at Cranford!!! don't think the weater table could get any higher.... We have the "Master Baiters angling club" down on monday for a few days so it will be interesting to see how the chaps get on!!!

Bookings for this year are flying in!! and many thanks to all that have sent in there deposits for this years stay!!! Please make sure all deposit's are in before the end of Feb for those who booked last year....

We are still chatting to future landlords of the Pub, there are a couple of parties on the boil but nothing confirmed as of yet.... as always once we have some news i'll pop in to here....

First post of 2016 and the sun is shining..... Looking forward to our paths crossing soon. Til the next time!!!

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