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We'll beat them in the Tench's

Sorry Folks.... It's been over a month since my last post!!! We've been super busy and i keep forgetting to rant the updates,

So here goes:

Weathers been bloody cold in the Shire... I mean cold, waters still a good few degrees lower than you'd expect for the time of year. This has had an affect on the fishing, carp have been low and slow and are just starting to move, compared to last year we were in full swing whilst sitting in T-shirts and enjoying the longer days..... Tench and bream have been feeding well so all the guest fishing for the bites have been on the middle lake enjoying the days... There's been a few perch coming out, baits wise the Pallatrax Boilies have been picking up the carp, whilst the usual suspects have been working well for the bream and tench.

The pubs going well, Jenny, Chris & Bob have been with us for a month and the locals are coming back in there droves, Foods good, beers clean ( i do love a Doombar) and there a lovely family who'll make you all feel welcome.

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