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It's been 6 months and 27 day since my last ??????

OK Folks... Sorry been super slack on the updates, i doubt anyones even reading this!!!!

We've had a wonderful season in the shire with plenty of comings and goings!!!

so where do i start? ok the first main blog sideliner has to be our new campervan, we needed another vehicle and i'd been toying with the idea of another VW camper ( we had a previous van for 10 years but sold Elvis "all shook Up" roughly 10 years ago). My thinking was buy a project as i only had a loan amount for 10K which in todays market doesn't go very far in the VW world...Not for anything half decent! So got the loan jumped on eBay and brought a bus from the Isle Of White and drove her back to the Shire ( 6.5 hours later we arrived ) then i spent the next 3 months doing her up 6am - late no stop, stripped right back and rebuilt...... Just in time for the summer holidays... First 2 times we went camping we made a new friend called Mr RAC... Niki wasn't too impressed.

Right back to reality, so after finishing the van i remembered we had fishery to run so concentrated on the business, much to Niki's Joy!!!!!

Spring was pretty consistent at Cranford, the fishing was as is!!! We're not the easiest fishery to catch at but we believe thats why people keep coming back, you've got to work at it but the rewards are a plenty!!!!!

Summer was a bit up and down... the majority of weeks were good sport but 2 weeks out of the summer where below average, people couldn't buy a bite!!! i had one chap tell me it's the worst fishery he's ever been too??? ( i can only catch Bream after Bream after Bream)

I honestly thought he was having a laugh but unfortunately he wasn't, he couldn't catch a carp all week, was only fishing pellet over pellet (generally bringing all the bream in) tried to explain the best way to fish for carp at Cranford.... You can bring a horse to water!!!! I don't think it helped that week either when every one else was pulling the big fella's in!!!! It wasn't even a one of the slow weeks????

I don't want to paint a bleak picture as 99% of our guest all had the usual Cranford fishing experience and we thank you all for returning year after year!!!

Robin with a Cranny Ghoustie

New with one of our Mirrors ( Looking pretty cold there Nev )

Millwall Bill and a Cranny Common with a Cockney Grin

The Pub!!!!! or Rollercoast as it should be called has been on another journey of ups and downs!!!

We had Chris & jenny join us for the start of the season in April, all looked promising to start off with but things just didn't work out for them and they decided to leave in August ( 6 Months ???????? )!!!!

Funny how things work out because we had a super couple look at the pub before Chris and Jenny but the timing wasn't right, i decided to send them a cheeky email to see if they had found a business and was delighted that they hadn't.... So the good ship Cranford Inn had the pleasure of welcoming Leanne & Steve onboard and the pub finally feels like the old place again!!! So sorry to our guests over the past few years when the pub just hasn't been right and thank you to all that stuck with us.... Hopefully any of you reading this who where put off by the pub will give us another try.... Honestly the place is back to as it should be!!! We're really happy to proper welcoming publicans Steve and Leanne here, simply because we know what works and ........ they work 200%... The bars full of laughs again and next season for those who haven't met tham you're in for a treat plus a lovely warm welcome.....

For those who are on Facebook have a look at our page "Cranford Fishing Holidays" and follow the Pub "the Cranford inn @CranfordinnDevon" for all updates and to follow Steve and Leanne on all things Cranford....

Right till next time!!! I wonder how long it will be?????

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