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Merry Cranny Christmas

Happy Christmas Everyone, we all hope you have a fab festive season.

Not much to report on the fishing side this time of year, we have a few guests staying over Christmas & New Year and i've seen a few of the larger carp topping, will update if any of them come out.

The Pubs going great guns... Leanne, Steve and the team have really made a difference with the pub, All the old locals are coming back in and it's got that Cranny feeling again. Well done you all of them!!!! I've just got to make a new years resolution to stop enjoying myself in there to much!!!!! it's 46 paces away from our front door!!! Probably a few more on my way home.

Here's to a wonderful 2017 and we look forward to seeing you then....

Best Wishes

Paul, Niki, Archie, John, Pat, Leanne, Steve and all @ Cranford xxx

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