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Sir Snagalot!!!!

Happy New Year folks.... Hope you all had a fab festive time!!! So we're all getting ready for the upcoming season... plenty to do as always and the booking madness is in full swing!!! Phone's been no stop and as usual were filling up fast.... Thanks a million to all our regulars.... To all the newbees coming for some Cranny time you're all in for a real treat....

Last summer we had a few weeks when the larger Carp were just holding up in the bay on the top lake, we have this as a no fishing zone for them to have a bit of respite... over the festive season we've got into the bay to clear out all the snags... it's been on my mind for a couple of years to clear it out so we made a start and hopefully this coming season they'll be on the move a tad more in the height of the summer...

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