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Right Ray !!! Here's the Blog!! :)

Hi Folks!!! I know I Know I Know I Know!!! Yep I KNOW!!! I'm rubbish and the rant's and raves this year!!!

Sorry all it just keeps slipping my mind to update the blog. Apologies to all especally to those who actively look for updates...

Soo we're are in full swing, yep spring has been fab down in the Shire, bit of a cold spell for a couple of days and then our old friend Captain High Pressure will be returning according to the weatherWo/Men.

Fishing being going pretty good all around, top and middle lakes are producing well, where as the bottom is always a challenge.. Bait wise it's the same as always ( The Usual Suspects)..

Fish of the Week - 1.6lb Crucian by Steveo, 5lb Tench by Raymondo, 1.5lb Perch by Richo...

Some sad news :( Half tail...... probably the last time you'll see the lovely fella as we're retiring him to stock ponds... Looks like a Mink got into the Top lake and Half tail has no tail... little bugger!

Pub's doing great!! Have to say it's a joy having Leanne and Steve here... Place is back to the good Ol' Days!!

There a super fit and all things Cranford are running Tip Top!!!

Bets on the next blog!!! ???? I'll give you good odds :)

Nice one Tom!!

Plus Archie got his PB the other week 17lb Ghostie... Cracking Fish for a 7year old!!! must take after his Mother!!

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