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Cranford Fishing Holidays Tench

Cranford Fishing


Whilst staying with us you have exclusive access to our three fishing lakes. We are a coarse fishery and not a specimen or match water.

If you enjoy fishing for the bites and landing fantastic fish in cracking condition, we are the place for you.

We are a residents only fishery so you’ll get the whole 70 acres to yourself. Our waters cover an area of 3.5 acres

Embark on a journey of discovery at Cranford, a serene oasis surrounded by verdant woodlands and gentle rolling hills. Spanning acres of crystal-clear waters, Our idyllic lakes are home to an abundance of carp, tench, Bream, Perch and Rudd, providing anglers with ample opportunities to test their skills and land impressive catches. Whether you prefer float fishing, feeder fishing, or specimen hunting, Our Lakes promises an unforgettable fishing experience in a tranquil setting.


Our top lake is our largest water and holds a healthy well looked after stock of fish. Mirror’s & Common carp to 20Ib, Ghost Carp singles & doubles, Tench to 6lb+, Perch to 3.5lb, also a good stock of Bream & Rudd.


Our secluded middle pool, or Mr Crabtree lake as our regular guests call it, has Crucians, Tench, Bream, Perch & Rudd. Great fun on light tackle.


Our secluded bottom pool has the same stock as the top lake, the head stock are just a tad smaller. The Lakes at Cranford are of the very highest quality.

We pride ourselves on our unique resident’s only fishing experience, as do our guests who return time after time.

If you’d like further information or fancy a chat, give us a call. 

  The Lakes

  Some Cranny Catches

Our main concern at the Cranford is the well being of our fish stocks. We pride ourselves on the highest quality environment for our fish and ask all our guest to have the same thought process for the well being of our fauna & flora. We appreciate your 100% commitment to this whilst enjoying your stay with us.


Fishing Rules

We are a coarse fishery, not match or specimen water.

Barbless hooks only.

No sacking of larger fish overnight.

Rods never to be left unattended.

When landing larger fish, please use an unhooking mat and only handle fish at ground level.

There is no need for braid on our lakes, mono is more than suitable.

Please tidy and remove all litter.

When busy we ask our guests to move from swim to swim every other day.

Please do not block walkways.

No Bivvies.

No tiger nuts, peanuts or chick peas.

No keepnets.

Smokers please respect our environment, our fish are non smokers!


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